Last Thing Discussed: Benefits Talk for the Workplace

How the Pandemic Has Changed Absence and Disability Management Needs

Episode Summary

Brenda Smith and Evelyn Wilkins-Green discuss how the pandemic impacted claims and created new opportunities to provide for caregivers.

Episode Notes

On today’s episode of Last Thing Discussed, Carolyn McArdle speaks with The Standard’s Senior Director of The Workplace Possibilities Program, Brenda Smith, and Director of Disability Management Resources, Evelyn Wilkins-Green. Together, they explore how the pandemic has changed disability and absence management needs, including tips to support employees who may be struggling with burnout or presenteeism. Though it presented many new challenges, adjusting to the pandemic fostered new opportunities to provide for caregivers. New pivots, like the rise of telehealth, are creating new pathways for individuals who may not have had access to medical specialists to get the care they need. Plus, hear an examination of the spike in absence and life claims as well as how these claims were handled during this unique time. 

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